Punk Style A Revolutionary Clothing Fashion

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Punk was a revolution and summed up a complete age lifestyle, the punk clothing, dance and language. It was like a fanciful stab at fashion. The punk style first introduced to the world in early 70s. It has carried on more than 3 decades and introduced 2 new generations to its clothing style, music.
Punk rock generated subculture and seeded several other sub-genres of music. Now a day punk T-shirt, gothic clothing and punk rock hoodies are widely worn by all age of people. Each of them reflects the more about punk rock attitude. A punk rock song includes bare instrumentation, hard-hitting lyrics with themes related to politics and fast tempos.
Punk rockers are not only about who play the punk rock music but also who live their life with punk rock lifestyle. Punk rockers share attitudes of self-reliance, rejection of the mainstream, and progressive or liberal political leanings. The punk clothes could be made out of dirty, old & simple clothes - ranging from the T-shirt/jeans/leather jacket, second-hand "dress" clothes of acts like Television or Patti Smith are preferred over the expensive or colorful clothing popular in the disco scene. Torn & patched jeans, old hand stitched shirts etc are considered as punk by youngsters.
Punk clothes or punk fashion is all about innovation; Punk clothing is a modifications of clothing, hairstyles, cosmetics, jewelry, and body according to punk subculture. Punk people just want to look different, they dont bother about others. It may include modifications to their old or new clothes including punk rock hoodies. One can design their own punk clothes even though ready to wear punk clothes are available in wide range.
With the advancement in internet technology, a number of online punk clothing stores dedicated to punkstuff have come into existence. Ive come across an online store punkstuff.com that provides a wide range of punk clothes for men & women.

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Punk Style A Revolutionary Clothing Fashion

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This article was published on 2010/10/14