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Clothes form a very vital part of our wardrobe or may be very important part of our lives. Can you ever imagine a day without clothes , well most of the people would feel miserable without them but ya there are a few of them who would not ind going out without them, but yeah most of them don't admit it. Clothes represents what culture a person belongs. They also by chance portray our personality and mood, you cannot even fake it. But you must have seen that particular clothes are worn in particular place. Like for example if we talk about some particular type of clothing for a place like, suppose BH, it a is special kind of cloth which is made for a special kind for purpose that is for swimming, you must be aware that for swimming you need to have a special kind of cloth material, the kind of material that does not absorb water and does not react with water. As the activity involves a lot of involvement with water then it is preferred that that material is of water repellent material. Similarly in the winter season you need have warm woolen clothes on your body other wise there are high chances of you freezing to death.

Similarly for summers we use the loose cotton or jute material for the purpose of the clothing. As the clothes are divided into the kind of season they should be worn in, same way there can also be classification done on the basis of the gender basis, that is the clothes that we wear can be broadly classified into men's wear and women's wear. When we are speaking of women, it comprises of different of clothes like fancy and colorful tops, skirts, Bluser, jeans , shirts etc, these are generally a lot of things with lots of floral designs and bright patterns. Where as if we talk of men, then their wardrobe comprises of the pants that they usually wear for formal purposes, then comes their shirt which they wear for both formal and informal purpose, the t-shirt etc .There are also a very vast difference among the materials from which they are made from, this is because their utility and usage differs variantly. But of course there are so many bisexual clothing that people love to wear, so ultimately it is our choice that what we choose and come out with from our pockets a well as wardrobe.
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Clothes For All

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This article was published on 2010/12/10