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My little doggies need to wear coats and clothes as in the winter they get freezing cold and in the summer they need to be protected from the sun and the  heat .  With this in mind I searched all over the net looking for some good clothes for the m that would do the trick and be functional without being expensive. I COULD NOT find anything suitable. Everything was either too expensive or  boring or not well made, I also do not like mass produced stuff from huge factories in china.

So I designed my own and made them and my little doggies were warm in the winter and comfy and beautiful in the summer, but then people said how much they like them, and I was bitten by the bug of really enjoying designing them and making them,  and hence my little paid hobby was born.  Where I love making these clothes for doggies so much I sell them there on my site.  You cannot get them anywhere else AND although the yare beautiful and designer they are cheap, very cheap, cause its a hobby.

You can take a look at the huge range and because it is all new and just launching and I need to get known amongst doggie owners and customers you can

get one free of charge, sent anywhere in the world,  either a t shirt, dress, hoodie or sweater, which ever one you choose.

You can see me with my doggies wearing some of the coats I MADE on You Tube.

You can see the whole range on the we bsite which is going up now.

You will love these clothes, they are warm and comfortable for the doggies and beautiful, oiriginal arm candy for you,  but at really cheap prices.

So go on treat yourself,  and think of who needs a Christmas pressie or birthday pressie and has a dog too.



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Basset hound clothes

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This article was published on 2010/11/20